Soulbyte for Thursday March 19, 2015

It takes courage to face the self with honesty, to be absolutely truthful, without the constant need to protect and be safe, without the needs of the child self getting the upper hand. To be courageous is the warrior’s way. This requires not only maturity but a commitment to change and growth. To draw from the vast pool of courage is to draw to the self the greater intention of all beings: the quest for wholeness. And so the warrior does not shirk the duty to self in this endeavor but pushes through needs, desires, and wants to find personal truth. Only then will needs, desires, and wants be fulfilled, and only then will they become less necessary, for in the end the warrior discovers that there is so much more to strive for. This too is the warrior’s way. To face the truth of the self is a journey taken alone, for no one else can do this for you. The warrior knows firsthand that this is what it means to be courageous.

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