Soulbyte for Monday March 9, 2015

To make a decision that is in alignment with nature—nature within and without—is to leave the decision up to the high self, the spirit within, who knows all. Such a decision will unfold as it will and as it should, according to a myriad of factors and probabilities. The main decision on your part is to set your intent and place your trust in your own spirit’s guidance. That trust must be placed above all else and this may be the most difficult thing you have ever done. But if you dare, you will get to see how your spirit leads you on your journey and how your goal is achieved or not. For just because you decide upon something and set your intent does not mean that you will achieve it. Your spirit may have other plans! But in the end, you will be where you need to be according to the laws of nature and your own spirit. So, set your intent, ask your spirit to guide you, and wait to see what comes along to show you the way. Stay alert and act with consciousness, always asking your spirit if you are getting it right. Your spirit will not fail you, but watch out for that ego; it is the only thing you have to worry about!

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