Soulbyte for Wednesday March 4, 2015

Curative measures abound. Someone always has a cure to offer. Someone seems to have gotten the right answer, the perfect response, just what you’ve been searching for. But alas, there is no true cure for any ill or disturbance that does not already lie within. The perfect cure is always in alignment with the deeper self, with the self that knows the reason for the ill to begin with. All healing begins not with the cure but with the question why. All healing begins with and within the self in accepting the why and working with it.

Sometimes the why is so deeply hidden that it takes many years to discover it, but that does not make the journey any harder, in fact, it makes the search that much richer! Seek within and your journey will be one of deep and lasting healing and in the process you will embark on the journey of a lifetime that will be fulfilling, not only for this lifetime but all to come.

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