Soulbyte for Tuesday March 3, 2015

How will today compare to yesterday? It is a new day, and yet it is a continuation of life. Everything that happened yesterday still holds value as it guides you into today. Do not forget where you have been, but do not stay behind, stuck in an old place, while life moves forward. Take your lessons into a new day. Turn them over and look at them in a new light. In the freshness of a new dawn notice how different they appear, as if they have suddenly transformed during the night.

Everything changes. Even problems have the capacity to offer you new guidance as you investigate them with new eyes and breathe new life into them. Life is fluid. Stagnancy is only a state of mind. And yet in stagnancy, like in a new day, come the jewels of progress if you care to look upon them as such. Today glistens with promise. Do you see?

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