Soulbyte for Sunday March 1, 2015

Why are you so afraid of your spiritual self, your higher self who loves you so much? Why do you look for it outside of you in another being when it is right inside you? Why do you long so deeply but not notice that your search was over before you began?

If you seek your soul mate in another you will never be satisfied. You may find compatibility, but you will never find true love until you love your true self and all that it wishes to reveal to you. If you are to fully live in happiness and joy, ask your true love, your higher self, to come and show you the way. And then acquiesce, without fear, to the guidance of this angel within you, for it will not leave you stranded but abide with you all of your days.

Ask and you shall receive. In humility, surrender your ego so that your spirit may speak. In its envelopment find your true love, your loving self, and your soul mate. Then will your happiness in life be assured and your true partner be revealed, within and without.

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