Soulbyte for Saturday February 28, 2015

A warrior accepts all aspects of self, desire being one of them. That desire exists in all beings is a fact of life, yet how it emerges is unique in each individual. A warrior knows that to allow for desire in self and other, to meet and be shared, is a crucial step in life, that to meet another in love and shared experience is of great importance. A warrior knows that physical love is sacred and that mutual respect must be a part of every relationship, that the desire of one must accompany and align with the desire of another for not only mutual enjoyment but mutual satisfaction as well.

A warrior also knows that to curb desire is always appropriate, that the tensions of desire create energies that might more appropriately be used in a myriad of ways, and so a warrior makes decisions about the energies of desire in accordance with higher motives. A warrior knows that desires recklessly unleashed are uselessly spent, while desires contained and conserved carry potent energies and thus their distribution, when used thoughtfully, is powerful and meaningful.

A warrior works with desire. A warrior keeps desire a secret to be shared with a partner at the right time to mutual joy, in experience not wasted or exploited but lovingly shared. A warrior can wait a lifetime for such an experience. A warrior knows that all desire will ultimately be fulfilled. A warrior waits patiently, calmly knowing that life beyond illusion will offer itself at the right time. There is no doubt in the warrior’s mind.

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