Soulbyte for Tuesday February 24, 2015

The way of the warrior requires discipline. Nothing will be accomplished if one does not set down ground rules and adhere to them. Simply saying that one wishes for this or that without applying also a little discipline will bring no lasting results. The warrior knows how to balance desire with discipline, how to set intent and modestly and appropriately enact a plan that will not only lead to desired outcome but provide the most benefit. A warrior does not overdo, overextend, or overcompensate. A warrior knows just how much and just how little is necessary to maintain proper balance and yet achieve the goals set.

A warrior operates from a place of knowing, not from a place of anger or despair with self or other but always out of kindness and love. A loving warrior will accomplish everything with discipline, modesty, and moderation in all things, without denial of the human self and without overindulgence in the spiritual self, or vice versa. The warrior aligns the two selves in a loving relationship, kindly disciplined to carry out every intention to fulfillment. In such a manner a new advanced warrior self will emerge and engage all of life in a new way. A warrior knows all these things. The warrior in each of you knows all these things.

Desire number one is to wake up that warrior self. Desire number two is to set that warrior self on the path of self-realization. A healthy dose of discipline is the fuel that will bring results.

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