Soulbyte for Wednesday February 18, 2015

You may experience a time of uncertainty, but beneath the surface be assured that all is working in your favor. When one aligns with the natural forces of nature one puts oneself in a position of power, for the power of nature is the only true power, and alignment with its good side will yield fruit. Alignment with its dark side will bring destruction. A path of heart is an obvious alignment with the good. Such a choice will naturally flow along lines of progress, accumulating that which is right and proper.

For one who is struggling to become more grounded, the means by which one will progress in life is really far more likely to have a positive outcome if one can allow life itself to lead the way. In alignment with nature each day, on a path of heart, positive outcome is certain. However, nature has an unusual way of delivering its messages! So be aware of its gifts, that they may arrive in strange packages. You may have to give up control and your set ideas of how things should go and just go with the flow!

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