Soulbyte for Monday February 16, 2015

Notice your energy today, how different from yesterday. Are you calmer? Less stressed? Is your inner self more present? Notice your mood today. Notice the outer world too. Even residuals of tension will be met and experienced differently as you accept the shift in energy that has occurred in the past few hours. Allow it to touch you. Be guided by it. Allow this new and different energy to teach you the value of sitting still in the tension, in patient waiting while no action is taken. When the time is right for action you will know.

By this difference in energy see how everything else shifts too, how perceptions, thoughts, feelings, emotions lose their edginess and take their rightful place in your life, how softened everything is and how much more clearly you see your dilemmas and choices. Your patient waiting has paid off. Now make the most of it; yet still let kindness and compassion be your active operating system, your driver and your motivator in all you do.

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