Soulbyte for Wednesday February 4, 2015

A warrior knows that all beings have a compassionate heart and that all beings are capable of kindness. But a warrior also knows that the human animal must be fully known and contended with if true compassion and kindness are to be experienced and utilized. A warrior knows how capable the human animal is of keeping secrets, especially about what is untenable to know and accept about the self. A warrior knows that the deeper secrets about the self, what lies in the shadow self, must be fully known and contended with if one is to truly own and have available the innate compassion and kindness that lies at the heart of every human being. A warrior knows that all that one is must be revealed for the true virtues of compassion and kindness to fully arise and be utilized for the good of the self and the good of all. A warrior knows that to become a compassionate and kind being is a noble goal, but that to truly be so virtuous, without ego or need, one must do the work of the self first. Only then will a life of true compassionate service be fully available and experienced. Only a true warrior, one who has done the deeper work of the self, knows what it truly means that to give is better than to receive.

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