Soulbyte for Friday January 9, 2015

Wherever your path takes you today, go with humility and grace, thankful for the opportunity to live through these times of great change. Like a warrior fully aware that each breath, each step, and each action matters, own your place in this life and then behave accordingly. And yet, with the innate wisdom of the sages inside you, call forth your own wise spirit to join you more fully on this day and those to come. Bind your intent more fully to that of this wise spirit within and walk your path of heart with gratitude for all that you are given. In this manner, you will discover that no person ever walks alone. Your joinery is deeply entwined with that of your spirit, two warriors, companions always. Know that you are safe and deeply loved as you embrace this duality of self and step onward into the light of a new enchanting day.

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