Soulbyte for Thursday January 8, 2015

What are you searching for? What do you really want? Where do you stand today, one week into the New Year? Have your intentions held up, still foremost in your mind, body, and soul? What do you really need?

You are a creature of nature, fluid and ever-changing. Do not forget this. Allow yourself to be like water, flowing, tumbling, moving, yet taking time also for calm pooling, for reflection and deep introspection. Be gentle but also unstoppable, yet follow always your spirit’s intent. Do not force, yet let your spirit flow freely, as it will, allowing the creative and the adventurous sides to have their outlets. Don’t hold back that which you cannot, but curb your outright disregard of all that desires to gush forth unbidden, for not everything is appropriate. You are human, as well as flowing water, and so you must use discretion as well as the innate qualities of kindness, compassion and love that naturally wish to flow forth from you out into the world. Seek always your balance first and then you will know what you really seek.

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