Soulbyte for Wednesday January 7, 2015

Body, mind and spirit make up the exceptional being that you are. Find connection to each of these aspects of self, not just on a mundane level, but on an ever-deepening inner level. Connect and coordinate these aspects of self, finding your center point, your way to love and respect who you truly are. In contrast to these intimate parts of self, find also new ways to live in the world, bringing them in tune with nature all around you, with the sun, moon and stars, with the earth and all that they offer. Bring body, mind and spirit into alignment with that which is innate within and without.

You are more than you give yourself credit for, but you hold yourself back. It is time to honor and hone all of your connections and coordinates. Like a live wire, allow your energetic current to cut through now and take you forward with full awareness of your deeper inner self and your greater contributions to the world outside of you. You not only matter greatly, you are the world. Make it and yourself be all that you wish to be. That too is your power, your intent, but above all what you choose to do with it. Everything you do, think, and say matters, to self and other.

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