Soulbyte for Tuesday January 6, 2015

Hold yourself accountable for your own life, your own issues, and your own journey. No one owes you anything. You are in charge. If you have not learned this yet it is time to do so because everything is changing and if you do not take responsibility for yourself you will be left behind. What you have been anticipating is now underway. Remain calm, but do not rest in complacency. Remain focused, but do not ignore the larger picture. You are all part of the greater world and what happens there matters to you as an individual. Remain aware of your own issues, but do not forget that you are on a journey of many lifetimes, that the greater intent is that of your spirit. So don’t forget to include your spirit in all of your decisions. Prepare for your future; it is now. And don’t forget to have some compassion, for self and other.

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