Soulbyte for Tuesday December 2, 2104

Facing who we really are is often the most challenging of tasks. We tend to want to present ourselves in the best light, in a picture perfect manner, as infallible, always right, without imperfections. At least that is our outer presentation, as it is hard for us as human beings to face our own imperfections and so we primp ourselves into what we are not.

As the world changes at the current rate, rapidly now, if human beings are to keep up there must be a shift into conscious acceptance of what it means to be human, to be as the other animals upon the earth, no more perfect or imperfect than the cats and dogs of our dreams, the birds of the air, the fishes of the seas, or the soft-footed animals who walk gently upon the earth.

Facing who we are each day is the challenge of all time, but becoming fully who we are is the challenge of this time. We are creatures who must come into alignment with nature and the natural world. It can’t be ignored any longer: it’s all about survival.

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