Soulbyte for Sunday November 23, 2014

Hold the self accountable. Be responsible for who you are. Without blaming others for your life situation take over the care of the self more fully. Human beings like to look at others as the root cause of all the ills within the self and within the world, but the truth is that each human being is the world and is of the world, fully exploiting and fully expecting its needs to be met. If things are to change each human being must face the life they have created and lived, the life that is no longer viable for one reason or another. For some people this comes as an inner shock, for others as an outer shock. Either way it’s time to face the truth and change.

Only in each human being’s efforts to change the habits and behaviors of the self, and amending its habits and behaviors in the world, will balance be achieved. The real crux of the matter is the need for all to take responsibility for the self and the world. You are all accountable. You have all created the problems you now face. Only you can fix them. Time to step up and be honest, even as you expect others to do so. Time to step up and be the truly loving and compassionate human beings you are all fully capable of being as well. This is it; this is the real work of now, for all human beings, no exceptions.

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