Soulbyte for Saturday November 22, 2014

Here is today’s Soulbyte. We will be posting an audio channeled message later in the day. And yes, Jan’s computer is back up and running. Hurray!

Creating the life you want is an art. It is also a process conducted on a daily basis requiring honest assessment of habits and behaviors that stand in the way of your endeavors. If a process is to be alive it requires constant attention. Like a fire, new fuel must constantly be added; air is necessary, and proper outlet is required.

Consider the self like a well-tended fire. Give proper fuel. Breathe. Offer appropriate outlet for that which must be released. Pay attention to what you add to the flames and what you decide to hold onto. Make choices that you can live with, but also that are growth-oriented. You do want to change, right? How you go about it is as important as wanting it. Your new creative project: Constructing a new self.

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