Soulbyte for Sunday November 2, 2104

Internet out this morning as we are battered by high winds in the Northeast! Here is today’s Soulbyte:

Did you experience the shift? Whether your experience was subtle or strong, did you stand your ground, your warrior legs planted and firm? Yet were you flexible as well, able to sway with the energies of the changing tides?

Change is constant, so if you feel like you missed out keep in mind that each day you have another opportunity to meet your protagonist head on, the protagonist of change, who pursues you and presents you constantly with a new chance to test the waters of life. Dare to step into the water of life on your warrior legs every day, steady and flexible, strong and supple, firm and graceful. Meet life in this way and you will find yourself met in return in similar fashion, life naturally ebbing and flowing as it should.

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