Soulbyte for Tuesday October 14, 2014

Lack of continuity or followthrough does not mean we are weak. It only means that we are susceptible to repeating our mistakes. If we are to advance and rise above that which bedevils us, we must become conscious of our bedevilments. If we are to advance we must consciously work at that which stands in our way, taking personal responsibility for our lives and the way they progress. If we are to live lives of wealth on all levels—mental, emotional, physical and spiritual—we must become our own golden means by taking a more consciously directed journey of heart and meaning.

To become conscious is to take on life fully, to accept that which comes from within as our deepest challenges and that which comes from without as the path that appears down which we must walk. We choose some things and others appear, but all are meaningful and require our fullest attention, conscious and direct. To become more conscious right now, decide where your own energy is best served and put all of your efforts there.

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