Soulbyte for Saturday October 11, 2014

Take time to pause today, even for a minute, and follow your breath into your body. Allow the mind to be still as you simply breathe and become nothing more than your breath. Each breath you take becomes a reminder of your spirit because each breath is your spirit moving inside you. Become your own breath; become your own spirit.

Let your body accept that it is a mere vessel of this important self, this spirit self. Let it acknowledge its secondary function as vessel even as it must be equally present and equally attended to and cared for. Treat the whole self with the same reverence that you treat the spirit self. As you follow your breath, treat the body and mind to calm detachment knowing that in each breath the only thing that matters is your awareness of your breath as sacred spirit. In this way find your core essence, your life force, your connection to all beings and to life itself.

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