Soulbyte for Thursday September 4, 2014

Focus once again on your path of heart and the intent of your spirit, even as you get drawn into the world of self and other, even as thoughts interfere and emotions well up and drown you in their disappointments, fears, and worrisome ideas of old.

Concerted effort may need to be applied if one is to carry on with purpose and strength. This is not an easy or simple process, but if you fairly and squarely face the truth and reality before you, your mind will clear and your heart will reassert itself with both protective and adventurous spirit in place and intact.

This is the next step on the journey of heart. Keep going forward without shame and blame. Life simply is and this is where you are now, but keep in mind that you are in constant motion. It will all change in an instant. Be open and ready for what comes next even as you work with what is now.

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