A Day in a Life: Further Explorations In Channeling & The Issue Of Trust

Like the spreading branches of a tree we are all interconnected... in all worlds. Art by Jan Ketchel
Like the spreading branches of a tree we are all interconnected…
in all worlds.
Art by Jan Ketchel

I’ve been channeling Jeanne for more than ten years now. The process began during my recapitulation when she appeared to me and told me to trust her and to trust Chuck. She told me that everything would be okay and that after a three-year-long period of intense inner work I would arrive at a new place, that my life would make sense to me and my purpose be more fully revealed. Everything that she told me then and as the years unfolded has come to pass.

The issue of trust, specifically lack of, was the biggest challenge I had to face. It was at the core of my recapitulation process, the blockage that appeared again and again, pointing out just how deeply wounded I had been by what happened to me in childhood. It had controlled me and every decision and choice I made and I knew I could not let it stay in control. Jeanne pointed this out to me on the first night she appeared to me, stressing that the key to my success would be in learning to trust. She was absolutely right.

I soon discovered that trusting meant learning how to be okay in the world, how to not only trust others but myself and my experiences as well. It meant being confronted with issues of trust over and over again as my defenses slowly chipped away and as I let go, sometimes quite fearfully, of all that had once held me up and together. Without my defenses how could I possibly survive? How could I possibly trust anyone or anything when it had been ingrained in me at a very young age that I could trust no one?

The world was not a safe place; that was a given. Nothing and no one in the world offered safety. For most of my recapitulation I battled my inability to totally trust Chuck, who was by my side, taking the journey with me, and showing only the deepest respect and kindness toward me. Yet even into the third year of deep work the issue of trusting him would arise.

I would hear Jeanne telling me to trust him, to trust my experiences as being real, and to trust that all would be fine in the end. Her messages never changed; she patiently delivered them over and over again, whenever my fears and insecurities arose. Whenever I thought I was going crazy or having hallucinations she would tell me to trust them, that they were meaningful; they were showing me the way to healing. There I was talking to a discarnate being, going out of body while the world was cracking open inside and outside of me, revealing its intricacies and secrets, and yet as soon as I heard her soothing voice I would return to the new normalcy that was slowly constructing, a new life full of trust.

My channeling chair... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
My channeling chair…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Once the recapitulation of my childhood was complete a new kind of trust became the challenge and the focus. I was challenged to trust my channeling connection with Jeanne and to take it forward, first to Chuck and then into the world as we struggled to figure out how best to use it and for what purpose. We sought meaning and value, nothing for ourselves, only the means to pass the messages along so that others might hear them.

Neither of us had read Jane Roberts back when her Seth books were all the rage in the 1970s. I didn’t even know about her and Chuck wasn’t interested. Funny that now we find our way to her through a series of synchronicities. So similar are our explorations to hers and her husband Rob’s, as they interacted with Seth and found the best way to meet him more fully and profoundly, that we could almost be reading about ourselves and this process that you are all part of.

Once again, trust comes into play. Can I let myself be completely open and just see what happens as we explore new methods of channeling? I lower myself into the mystery and wonder of it with slight trepidation, much as I lower myself into the cold swimming pool. I don’t hesitate too long though. I always know I’m going to go in, and so I push myself to let go of my fears, real or not, and join the cold water in a delightful embrace. Just as I throw myself into the cold water, so too am I pushing myself to dive into new explorations in channeling.

Those recent explorations have taken us to meet Saleph, River of Consciousness, the name of Jeanne in her wholeness, all her lives joined. She left it up to us to call her that or not and so we have been channeling Saleph for a few weeks now. Last weekend we had a personal conversation with Saleph that was very revealing. We discovered that Saleph delivers different messages from Jeanne.

We talked back and forth to each of them and discovered that Jeanne, being modern and known, responded with greater insight and connection to this world, while Saleph—whom I had felt was far away—responded with more esoteric responses to our questions. All of this made us realize that not only should we be channeling both of them, but also that I, my channeling self, had easy access to both of them simultaneously. I also discovered that I could switch in and out of trance rapidly and easily and that I too, Jan, could engage in the conversation. I don’t have to just be a channel. Once I realized that, it felt as if I had broken through a final barrier.

These explorations are broadening our understanding of what it means to channel and also how to embody it naturally all the time. This takes trust! I am not so bold or confident, I guess, as some channels. I have had to overcome my shyness and I care deeply that the messages be helpful and meaningful. I would never intentionally cause harm, and so I have been slightly afraid to be so open, afraid of what might come out, but I am trusting that in some way the words will always be right. I also know that I am safe too; I have been well trained to guard my energy and only use it when appropriate.

We are excited by these new discoveries and hope to involve you all in the unfolding process, bringing you new messages from both Jeanne and Saleph, in conversation with us too. The funny thing is that all we had to do was try out a few simple changes and be innocently open and trusting. Trust, it’s that important!

The evolving self will naturally rise to the challenge... - Photo by Chuck Ketchel
The evolving self will naturally rise to the challenge…
– Photo by Chuck Ketchel

I trust that all of you, our readers and listeners, will put trust to the test and see what happens in your own lives too. Releasing blockages through recapitulation enables for the process to flow, but keep in mind that setbacks are part of the process and should be respected and taken seriously.

Be gentle and firm, daring to dive into the cold water of recapitulation knowing full well that in that water you too will be safely embraced and given all that you need. In so doing you will learn what it truly means to trust. It’s all about trusting the self, finding safety in the world of the whole self, learning to trust all that you are and all the gifts you are given every day. Whether you view them as gifts or not upon receipt, as life unfolds you will eventually realize that they are gifts indeed! Trust that!

As Jeanne always says, “Everything will be fine!”

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