Soulbyte for Tuesday August 12, 2014

Engage not the old energies, nor the frailties of the old self, but stay focused on your path of heart, even though that which is done will seek to pull you back.

This is a time of between worlds and your warrior’s sword will now come in handy. Use it wisely, not to injure or harm self or other but only to cut through that which encumbers so you can move on to that which you already have tasted and know as your destiny.

Life in the between worlds is murky with the old coming to show you its pleasures, but remember, those pleasures offer little real comfort, for they are but momentary delights. The real delight lies in the new world that you are creating for yourself.

Take up your sword and fight your way forward. This is the battle for freedom that all warriors must engage in, in the between worlds as well as in the inner and outer worlds. Fight on!

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