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Where will that molten energy strike next? - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Where will that molten energy strike next?
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

The world is an interconnected ocean of energy. At present, a tsunami of molten energy is sweeping the globe leaving mass destruction in its wake. The old consensus reality is losing its cohesiveness as new ideas, long in the churning, prepare to manifest on a leveled playing field.

Every individual now alive is a hologram of the one living entity we all call Earth—all inhabitants included—reflecting the world-at-large in the microcosm that we call Self. We need only examine the true state of our inner and outer selves to identify Gaza, Benghazi, and the Ukraine as existing within our own personal playing fields.

Behind all the turmoil is spirit, pressing us to move into new life. Old world defenses, defenses we’ve harbored since early childhood, can no longer contain this spirit change-agent. There are no viable truces left. The old behind-the-scenes deals, kept from consciousness, are being outed and can no longer contain the fierce energy of change. The time of compromise is over. Reason fumbles miserably in the wake of change; witness the militant energy dominating the world.

There is indeed cause for concern in such energetic upheaval. Individuals and nations alike fear psychosis as the tremors of change make themselves felt. Ego is charged, in such instance, with applying its consciousness to the truth: What is the true state of affairs in my personality and what appropriate challenges am I charged to take up? Psychosis is not a danger when ego humbles itself to the service of true need versus selfish greed.

We must all examine our own light and dark... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
We must all examine our own light and dark…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

This same task of self-examination and self-regulation is pressed upon the world’s nations. They too must face the truth of their own greed and abuses of power. They needn’t fear militancy if the rules of governance truly serve the needs of the people. If governance continues to serve only the needs of the greedy few, however, it will be brought down.

Similarly, ego—in alignment with old defenses that starve the needs of the whole personality—is seriously challenged to change. Here, militancy arrives in the form of terrifying nightmares and the onslaught of physical and emotional symptoms, such as the pounding heart of fear and anxiety.

Center stage to the current outer world crisis are Israel and Palestine. The 1948 establishment of the State of Israel was the world solution for a scapegoated people, targeted for extinction by a madman heralding a mass psychosis. Following the destruction of that regime in World War II, a permanent homeland was established to assure the safety and future of a badly decimated people.

The stirrings in that region now reflect the failings of that innocent but naive attempt to compensate a wounded people. The displaced Palestinians, asked to bear the burden of the sins of World War II, have never been adequately given their own secure homeland nor richly rewarded for their own great sacrifice. The complexity of resolution is great, but the time of disingenuous peace talks and statehood creation has ended. Only honest change that is fair and attentive to the true needs of all will work now.

Perhaps we will all arrive at energetic oneness before long... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Perhaps we will all arrive at energetic oneness before long…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Similarly, within our personal hologram, we must bring to power rules of governance that reflect the true needs of our evolving selves. We are in the midst of the greatest possible change, within and without, that we will experience in our lifetime. Let us all rise to the occasion as warriors of evolved selfhood, as well as citizens of a new consensus reality, founded upon the interdependent needs of all beings.

Signing on and doing my part,

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