Random Act of Guidance #3: Questions For Saleph

We sat down together on this beautiful Sunday afternoon, Jan went into trance and Chuck asked Saleph—Jeanne in her evolved form—a few questions. As we explore this process of spoken channeling we are saturating ourselves, as well as you our readers, because, as we have mentioned before, to saturate the self in new ideas or techniques is the means to mastering them. We are learning new things too. Today for instance, Jan found that she could speak in her own voice at one point, the difference quite clear. We hope you are enjoying this opportunity to experience our process in this way, as we bring this most natural state of possibility to your awareness; and Saleph makes some quite interesting remarks too!

Here is the channeled conversation. This one is about 20 minutes long:

July 20, 2014-Random Act of Guidance #3: Questions For Saleph

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