Random Act of Guidance #1: Jane Roberts & Seth

Committed to our paths of heart, we present a channeled message inspired by our recent immersion in Jane Roberts conversations with Seth and descriptions of the life that she, her husband Robert Butts, and Seth shared. We read of many similarities and feel inspired by the dedication that they espoused to getting out the messages they received, in spite of doubts, fears, and stumbling blocks.

It has been our personal intent to get out the messages from Jeanne and we have been doing that for nearly the past decade. We are inspired to take it all to a new level now, and so we introduce a channeled conversation for your listening pleasure should you be interested.

We find that to inundate oneself with that which is meaningful allows for a more holistic experience. As one is enveloped in that which is meaningful one embodies it more fully, almost effortlessly, and so we send out into the world our conversations with Jeanne as our own contribution to inundating the world with that which we find meaningful. We lay our offering on the altar of intent, to be taken up should you pass by and should it catch your eye. Perhaps it will be meaningful to you too!

Sharing our paths of heart, we send love, gratitude and best wishes,
Jan and Chuck

Here is the guidance channeled on the evening of July 14, 2014. And don’t forget to check out our daily Soulbytes on our Facebook page, inspired from the energy of each day:

July 14, 2014-Random Act of Guidance #1

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