Readers of Infinity: Lose The Mind

Here is a channeled message from Jeanne and Jan to begin the New Year, as we go through this time of transition and great potential for change. Time to take control of the self in a new way!

Even though the world may be reflecting something else, remain aware of the self at all times… - Photo by Chuck Ketchel
Even though the world may be reflecting something else,
remain aware of the self at all times…
– Photo by Chuck Ketchel

Be aware now of every step you take. Assert consciousness as your main motivator, as your main discipline and intention, as you go about your everyday lives. It is only in being consciously aware of the physical self at all times that one will grow with awareness.

Awareness involves not only asserting intention and discipline, but making a concerted effort to start a new practice. Begin this practice simply, by constantly bringing attention to the present, to your place in the world at each moment of life. Ask the self to remain aware and cognizant of what is truly happening, of what you are supposed to learn, and of where you are to go next.

Awareness requires maintaining alertness to the conditions of the self at all times, not in judgment, but only in asking the self to remain fluid at all times, knowing that this fluid self is the true self. Physically this means consideration of your inner state of being, bringing the self to calmness and balance within, while simultaneously attending to the physical self in appearance, composure, and mental attitude—in how you present yourself to the world.

Be guided by your inner knowing that the self in the world is comprised of physical self and spiritual self. The mental self is an aberration, not necessarily evolutionary, except in how you are able to control it. The mental self is the cause of much anxiety and trouble. Thinking that one is this way or that, in settling upon judgments and critiques of the self, one limits the capacity of the self to evolve. However, the physical self and the spiritual self, once the mental self is removed, will be freed to travel onward together in a new way.

For this time of transition that you now live through, I suggest deep work be accomplished on freeing the physical/spiritual self of the confines of the mind, what I call the mental self. In truth, this mental self is extremely limiting, though it also has great capacity to grasp and understand, and this is necessary for a greater understanding of how the physical and spiritual selves unite and work in tandem.

In order to free the mental self to be available for greater exploration, and so that it may work alongside the physical/spiritual selves, one must prepare the mind by first getting to know this mental self far more intimately and deeply. One must become aware of how it works; its machinations, its tricks, and its habits that you so easily latch onto, but that do not help the physical/spiritual selves to align and evolve. So, set the intent, as I mentioned, to remain consciously aware of how tricky this mental self can become. How it will make you think and believe things about the self that are limiting—making you conceive of the self as this or that—when in reality you are a physical and spiritual being largely captivated by the machinations of the mind, this mental self.

Free the self from the machinations of the mind… - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Free the self from the machinations of the mind…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Study this mental self. Set the intent to continually question it, especially as to what it tells you about the self. Especially question the negative thoughts, the inflated thoughts, the big baby thoughts, the hateful and disgusting thoughts. You are not your thoughts, unless you allow them to control you! And so, I say: It’s time to free the self of the controlling mind. In order to do that you must get to know it VERY well! As your process proceeds, take over your mind. Allow it to be controlled by you, by your physical/spiritual self. Replace the old mental self, with a new mental self, by embedding new thoughts and positive information that is truthful and engaging of the true self, in alignment with the life you live, the life you have the potential for, and the life your physical/spiritual self so clearly desires.

In other words, get REAL with the self in all aspects of life. A transition time means that you have the opportunity for great strides to be made and that you can actually take advantage of this time to advance the self. You will not be held back by nature, as nature is in alignment with this transition too!

In order to get the self in alignment with this advancing energy, remind the self constantly to pay attention to each step you take, each thought you generate, and also of what is happening inside your physical body. You may not know it, but your physical body alone has far greater capacity to guide you through life than your mind. So pay attention to it!

Your New Year’s resolution should be this: I intend conscious awareness of self at all times, in all situations outside of the self, without distraction from the old mental self. I will pay attention to the body self and bring it into alignment with the spiritual self, the knowing self, which I will now free from bondage by letting go of the old mind speak.

This is what you are all charged with now: to free the true self to live more fully by shedding the old machinations of the mind—resentments, regrets, habits, and behaviors alike—as you learn to embrace a new mind and a new physical/spiritual self in alignment with each other and the world around you. You will discover that the world is waiting for this.

Just as nature knows exactly what to do every minute of every day, so do you. In physical/spiritual alignment you will be more flowing. Like nature, you will know how to be, act, and react. You will progress through your life without the constant barrage of input from the mind, which, as I said, is mostly limiting, negative, and unempowering. Until you free yourself of it, it will hold you back from your true self and your true potential to fully live.

Become like nature. Even in confinement it knows how to grow upwards and blossom! - Photo by Chuck Ketchel
Become like nature.
Even in confinement it knows how to grow upwards and blossom!
– Photo by Chuck Ketchel

Lose your mind in a new way. Consciously dismiss its old speak and open up to new waves of body thought, as well as new insights from the spiritual, knowing self. In removing the blockages of the old mental self, there is potential for new energetic information from the physical/spiritual self to flow into the self, resulting in better alignment and balance.

Do not be afraid of this new way of living and attending to business upon that earth. In this new practice of conscious body awareness, you will discover your true potential, and you will be less afraid to more fully become the physical/spiritual self that you truly are.

And so, I end with this final missive: Only in releasing the relentless grip of the mind will you and all of mankind evolve. Free the self, one step at a time, to accept a new way of thinking, acting, and being in the world. It’s not really that hard. Once you begin, you’ll find yourself accepted and received in the world differently, for you will be like nature itself, more flowing, naturally in alignment, within yourself and within the world.

If you truly desire to make an impact in your own life, in your body self, and in the world around you, the first step is to change the self in this natural way. With practice and discipline you will achieve your goals. Pay attention to your body. That’s where to begin!

Happy New Year and Happy Travels as you begin the next adventure of your life!

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