Readers of Infinity: Something Different

Here is the channeled message from Jeanne, beginning a week that she indicates is set to be full of surprises, if we are alert and open. Good Luck!

Changing time. Drying calendula and marigolds, at one season's end… But another's beginning… Photo by Jan Ketchel
Changing time.
Drying calendula and marigolds, at one season’s end…
But another’s beginning…
Photo by Jan Ketchel

Progress must become a key word in your work, progress toward an evolving self being of the utmost importance. Please note that progress can only be achieved as you allow the self to change, to accept that you may not always have all the answers, and as you soften and allow new ideas to seep into your awareness and offer something different.

As the world shifts into a new phase this week, allow the self to experience something different. This can be a deliberate decision on your part to act, partake, or be involved in something new, or it can be a subtle intent to be open to that which comes to you unbidden.

In being open, one must learn to relax the body and mind. One must release the self of the normal judgments, the habitual thoughts and behaviors that one automatically engages in without thought or discrimination. One must stop the rote activities of living and live with greater awareness. Even the slightest intent to be alert may be enough to open the self to greater awareness of how you think, act, and react. When the old self calls out, asking for things to stay the same, turn away from that old self and look in a new, different direction. With open heart ask the self to trust the universe for a change, to trust that life itself has enough to offer you to guide you along. And then see what happens.

See what pops up in your life to show you the new direction you must take. It may be a subtle suggestion, a hint of something new, or it may be a hard knock over the head. But all of you, if you are to take advantage of the new time of renewed energy and spirited evolution, must be open—and being consciously open and expectant helps a great deal.

Awareness that a shift is already in action will, I hope, aid you in your endeavors. All you need is one tiny suggestion of hope and change, of shift in energy, and you could be off and running.

Let the energy of now guide you. Be open with discernment, knowing your heart’s true intent. For if you skip that part of who you are, your endeavors will be futile. This is not a time for foolish ignorance, nor hasty leaping, but a deepening of your innermost process in a flowing manner that is right, that is gentle, loving and kind to the self and others.

I am asking all of you to let your hearts guide you now, to really listen and pay attention to that which is truly right for you, at the deepest level. Who are you? Perhaps that is the first question to ask as you begin your entry into the energy of now. Who are you really? What do you most desire—in alignment with that true self—for yourself, in your evolving life? Begin there.

Be soft and open. Greet the day with gentle breaths, and then wait and see what comes.

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