Readers of Infinity: Inner Revolution = Outer Evolution

Here is today’s channeled message from Jeanne. May you all have a great week!

You never know what might be waiting for you just over the horizon! - Photo by Jan Ketchel
You never know what might be waiting for you just over the horizon!
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

My Dear Ones, look not outside of yourselves for the answers, but look only inward. Your issues and desires reside inside you. To confront and resolve them will only be achieved in inward turning. Face your fears and your joys alike by allowing the self full access to the truths that you keep even from yourself.

It’s perfectly okay to admit your fears and your desires to the self, to accept them, but the way to evolve is to transform them into a new kind of freedom that will carry you forward. Fears and desires hold you back, keep you bound to habits, behaviors, and routines that in the long run are not beneficial. Yes, many behaviors are stabilizing—they keep you rooted and functional—but I am talking not only of evolving in your everyday world, but of evolving in your inner world as well.

Inner world evolution involves an inner world revolution, and you are the only one who can instigate such a revolution. You are the only one who knows your deepest issues, or you will soon enough if you take back your projections, your fears, anxiety, your desires and competitiveness, and go into your inner world and face just why you are the way you are.

Who do you truly wish to be? Can you allow yourself to be the calm and easygoing, grounded person you know you have the potential to become? Inner revolution involves inner confrontation, but evolution involves acquiescence to truth, to life, and to possibility.

Be open and daring with the self. Do not be afraid of what others might think, but do your inner work—your private work on the self—as often as possible. Accept who you are. Release old ideas of the self gradually as you allow your true self to fill the void. It’s a natural process, for, as you make room inside, your natural self will automatically find its way into your inner world and then into your outer world.

Set the intent to revolutionize! There is no greater task, no grander life, no more fulfilling purpose, for all things will resolve as you resolve the inner you!

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