Readers of Infinity: This Is The Most Important Moment

Here is Jeanne’s message of guidance for this week:

Brighten your life with awareness... -Photo by Jan Ketchel
Brighten your life with awareness…
-Photo by Jan Ketchel

Upon stable legs carry yourself forward now, taking your next step with acquiescence. Without fear, let yourself be guided forward. You are going forward anyway.

Whether you go with fear or without fear, life will take you to your next challenge, your next plateau, your next stage of growth. In accepting your future as open and inviting rather than dark and frightening, as your most important moment in life, you will travel onward with robustness and steadiness. Your purpose will become what it should be: Your own growth and transformation.

Find those stable legs and take your next step. You are fully supported by all that life offers you. Find meaning everywhere. That is how to take your next steps with awareness.

Be happy that life comes each day. Greet it warmly. Invite it to flow within you with enthusiasm, tenderness, and love.

Love and be love. You are it!

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