Readers of Infinity: Find Solace In Simplicity

Here is a helpful message from Jeanne. Can you do deeper? She offers some practical tips on how to begin a deepening inner process.

A moment of solace... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
A moment of solace…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Find solace in simplicity, in the offerings of a simple life. You do not need all that you think you need. Begin to pare down, naturally, by questioning the self: Do I really need this?

Find the means to communicate regularly with and regarding the consumer self. Question: What does the consumer self really need over what are the desires of that self? Need and desire are two different things. I do not recommend austerity but balance, for even in simplicity is there abundance if one learns and hones the skills necessary to experience life in both its simplicity and its abundance.

Seek calmness and quiet in order to more readily communicate with the deeper self, in order to access the truths of the self, especially regarding need and desire. It is in these truths that one will discover what simplicity and balance mean, what simplicity and abundance look like in the context of an innerly rich life fully lived in that world.

To fully experience the richness of inner and outer life, balancing simplicity and abundance, one must slow down, be patient, watchful, and attentive. One must seek a non-judgmental attitude, freed of self-criticism, without anger or petulance. One must become a mature, responsible being, attentive to self and other, and nature as well. That is how to begin to simplify and seek a new self in the fullness of all that life offers.

Do not be afraid to give and receive, to be kind to self and other, to express love for your fellow human being, though he/she may be fallible and judgmental. Know that you too are capable of turning your back on the truth even as you see others do so. Investigate the self even as you investigate others. Find balance in being honest with the self. Start there. Then add the skills of simplicity, a little more each day: calmness, quiet mind, patient waiting, questioning of what is a need and what is a desire.

Begin to make new choices as you practice simplicity. Discover that solace will naturally flow into your life. It really works as you do your inner work, for that is really the crux of change, doing the deeper inner work. I encourage you all to go a little deeper every day. Find solace in knowing that, if you do so, you are changing not only the self but the entire world, one step and one moment at a time. In this manner, you can make a difference.

Slow down and make some wise decisions about the self today, and then do the same tomorrow and the day after that. Seek discipline and maturity, as these are the keys to success!

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