Readers of Infinity: Your Path Of Good

Walk your path with intent to change... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Walk your path with intent to change…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Here is this week’s message from Jeanne. She inspires us to stay focused on the path of good; eventually it leads to change.

Begin each day by taking with you the lessons learned on the previous day. Stay upon the path of good, that which is good for the self and others. Remain connected to awe. Find it always. Though you may think its presences is fleeting in your life, look again with new eyes and envision awe in every moment and in every day. Is not every breath awe-inspiring? That you live is, indeed, to be rejoiced over, for in every breath and every moment is your fuller potential granted life.

Move steadily forward connected to the awe of the minutiae in life. Allow it to build upon you and bring you to a place of joy and contentment, for no matter your circumstances the potential for joy and contentment reigns. This potential is what you seek activation of, the balance that tells you that your path is right, your life expansive, and your seeking worth it.

Stay upon the path of good, for the sake of the self and all others. What is the path of good? You will know it as you traverse it, for only in actively living will such truths be revealed. Navigate with purpose, fully clothed in the intent to grow and learn. Remind yourself of that purpose and intent with every breath and every step. Remain aware.

Follow the path of awe in every moment. It will not desert you if you do not desert it. Be open and receptive and yet work constantly to free the self of inhibitions that hold you back from change, for change is good.

All in all, what you seek in your life is within the self—the knowledge of who you are, why you are, and where you are going? What else do you need to know, except that the world you are in is showing you the answers as you walk your path.

Remember: Change is good. Remain on the path of good. Good is you.

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