Readers of Infinity: Experience Energetic Reality

Here is this week’s message of guidance from Jeanne, channeled most humbly by Jan:

Don't ask why, just take it in and enjoy... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Don’t ask why, just take it in and enjoy…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Underneath everything and everyone flows the same current of energy. You see differences with your human eyes, but in energetic reality there is no difference between one being and another, one thing and another, one life and another. If you can find your own source of energy and life you will be able to experience this current that I speak of.

Stay connected to your path of growth. This is the best advice I can give. Stay focused on changing, growing, and discovering the self on the deepest levels. Only in working deeper inward, into the self, will the energetic truths that I speak of be more fully revealed and acceptable to you.

Many of you know what I speak of because you have had experiences of energy that you could not otherwise explain. My advice is to not question but to accept and discover the gift that you are being asked to receive. Learn to block the unanswerable questions so that you may be open to the energy—that is what all of your questions are about anyway. If you stop asking them and pause long enough to enjoy your own energy you might begin to discover just how exciting and life-affirming your energy of self, as a being of infinite possibility, is. Be open to that and then see where it takes you!

Experience the self as an energetic being and then discover the current that flows through all things, all life, all that your eyes see. You must “feel” energy, perceive energy, so your eyes are not necessarily the right organs to guide you. Seek heart connection instead. Start there.

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