Readers of Infinity: Observe & Learn

Here is a nice message from Jeanne today. A good day to observe and learn, honing our awareness in the process of everyday life and the signs that come to us. Here is her guidance:

See that foxy face confronting me? - Photo by Jan Ketchel
See that foxy face confronting me?
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

As you continue to work through your issues that hold you back and prevent you from fuller living, hone your awareness. Allow your awareness to begin to guide you. Notice what comes to aid you in your growth and begin to follow its guidance. In this manner you will begin to flow into new and meaningful life.

To hone awareness, simply be observant of all that surrounds you. Look for meaning in the smallest and seemingly most insignificant of events and signs as you observe your life. Look for personal significance in all that comes to you, especially as related to the issues that are most current and most pressing in your life.

Set your intent to be aware of your surroundings and then remind yourself to pay attention to them throughout the day. Observe. Notice what is happening and then ask the self: How is this relevant to me? What can I learn from this? It might be something as seemingly insignificant as a small spider crossing your path. Meaningless, you might think. But think about it a little deeper. That spider might just be the thing to help you crack through your next impasse or resolve your most pressing question about the self or an important decision in your life.

Observe and learn from your surroundings. This is how to hone your awareness. And remember: Everything is Meaningful!

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