Readers of Infinity: Attend To The Chaos On The Inside

Here is this week’s channeled message from Jeanne. May it guide and aid you over the next few days.

Attend to your personal chaos first... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Attend to your personal chaos first… – Photo by Jan Ketchel

I continue to stress how important the inner work is. If you do not know yourself how can you know any other being or creature upon that earth? How can you criticize, judge, and teach if you have not gone deeper into the self where all the answers lie.

Pay attention to what comes to guide you. Outside of the self will arrive many teachings, ideas, concepts and proclamations. Many significant signs will be presented to guide you, but it is only in knowing the deeper self that you will be able to grasp and utilize what your outer world uses to guide you.

Even your inner world will provide you with tools by which growth may be cultivated and expanded, and awareness achieved, but if you have not attended to the inner self such things will have no meaning. In fact, fear may arise and your inner process be cut short by your judging mind, always ready to have some fun with you!

It is time now for all humanity to detach from the insanity of life on the outside and attend to the insanity on the inside. Only in resolving your internal issues and fears, and by addressing the purpose of your true life, will you find balance, compassion, and love.

Life is a journey of significance for each one of you. Look for that significance inwardly, even as you live your lives in a world of chaos. The chaos in the world will not cease until your personal inner chaos is attended to. You know what that process is. We have discussed it for years: Do the inner work, take the inner journey, ask for guidance in how to undertake it, and then see what happens. The answers will come both from without and from within!

Thank you, Jeanne and all of our guides! Most humbly channeled.

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