Readers of Infinity: Dream Gifts

As one year folds into the next...
As one year folds into the next…

Here is Jeanne’s guidance as we head into 2013:

Prepare the self for change. Take something old and make it new, feeding it, making it grow into a new form—take the self, for instance.

Set a new intent to change the self even more than you have. Set a new intent to keep going deeper into the self, seeking better balance, seeking to give and receive in the flow of life as it comes to you.

As a new era dawns, keep in mind that you are in charge of your life, that you are the commander of your own ship, and in this capacity you are also in charge of where your life goes. Keep in mind that choice matters, that your decisions matter, not only in the world you live in but also in your inner world. To conceive of a changed self in a changed world means that you must actively change in order to achieve the self you dream of.

A dream will simply remain a dream, fade and disappear, unless you keep it active, unless you feed it the necessary nutrients and keep it alive. That is what this New Year requires of all of you: complete dedication to keeping your dreams, for the self and the world, alive by constant attention, nurturance, and inner resolve to keep changing.

And so, I suggest that you stay attached to the fulfillment of your dreams. Whether they seem impractical, impossible, or far-fetched does not matter. If they are your dreams then you have already given them life. So now, as you fold your lives into a New Year full of hope, fold also your intent into that hope, fold your desires for new life and for change that is fulfilling into that hope. Fold your deeper commitment to your own journey upon that earth into your personal resolutions as well.

One year folding into the next is but a marker by which you measure time upon that earth, but you can make it be something far more meaningful. It’s up to you. If you so choose you can fully engage the energy of hope and the dream of a changing self. You already know how to do it.

Playing my dream...
Playing my dream…

Choose to ride your dreams with intent now. Keep in balance at all times. Be who you are truly capable of being. Let the old ideas of the self go as the old year drops completely away, and without regret, fear, or self-condemnation—without the old voices of dissent bothering you—fly forward into a new self. It’s about time. Give yourself permission to accept that dream gift. Only you can do it!

Happy New Year to all! And thank you for being part of my dream, Jeanne’s dream, and all the dreams we all still have to dream together.


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