Readers of Infinity: Open Your Heart

Begin to melt your heart for the self too…

Here is a message from Jeanne:

If you can learn to open your heart to yourself, so will you one day be able to more fully open your heart to others, as well as be available to commune with and receive from the interconnected universe.

Begin now to accept the self in a new way. With gentleness melt the hard judgments, the condemnations and restrictions placed upon the self by the self and the world-at-large. Begin a systematic assessment of how you judge yourself on a daily basis. Notice how hardhearted you really are toward the self and begin softening at the heart itself. For it is from this central point on the human body that the real work of lasting change will manifest.

As you begin softening your heart, you will notice that many thoughts, mostly negative at first, will arise. The idea that one cannot allow the self to be caring and tender toward the self must be abolished, for only in opening the arms of the heart to the self will one be able to manage the process that will unfold as one faces all that pours out of the heart, all the feelings and emotions, as well as old negative ideas and judgments. Enduring the pain of all that pours out of the heart will be both an arduous task as well as a healthy one, and in the end a physically and emotionally strong heart will be your gift.

Embrace your own heart today and let it begin speaking to you of all that it holds for you. In this manner will a process of self-healing ensue. Though some of you may find this process unbearable at this point in your lives, I ask that you hold onto the thought that you will attend to this most important part of your human anatomy and your spiritual soul at another time, for this heart center is where all began and all ends. In this place of meaning lie all the secrets to the self, and to life as well. In softening, opening, listening, and practicing self-healing, your future as an interconnected being—able to give and to receive—will be ensured.

The big Buddha sits with quiet heart for all…

Find the self acceptable and worthy of a gentle heart-opening practice. Set the intent that you will begin or deepen this practice daily. Or if you are not quite ready, set the intent that you will begin this practice as you feel ready. Do not be hard on the self, but do remind the self often that a life lived with a hard heart is really no life at all, but a life lived with a soft and supple heart is the most fascinating life one could wish for.

Let the energy of the universe flow into and out of your heart and you will begin to notice how pleasant and joyous your life will become, how sweet your inner thoughts will become, how nonjudgmental and considerate you will be to the self, and to others in the world, as you work at this process of deep change.

Thank the self daily for daring to change. From the heart outward, will you notice this changing self. It may pain you at first to open to this process, but very quickly you will feel no pain, for your own heart is very accepting of who you are. After all, it has been with you for your entire existence and already knows all there is to know. It’s up to you to open up to it and let your life change dramatically, as you accept and love the self in this very easy and practical way.

Breathe gently into your heart and say: I accept myself as a loving and lovely being. I am enough.

And this is enough for today! So take a new step forward on your journey today—in heart-centered opening of the self to the self—and notice how open you become to the world and the greater universe around you as you take this journey inward. You will not be disappointed!

Thank you, Jeanne! Most humbly and happily channeled, hoping you receive the support and encouragement you need as you journey onward.

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