Readers of Infinity: We’re On The Bright Side Now

Catch a ray...

Do not turn from that which arises as your biggest challenge this week, My Dears, for progress lies in such challenge.

As you meet your personal agenda—come to greet you in a myriad of ways—do not sit back and let it ride over you, but gather your wits about you and swim with the current, which will take you where you need to go.

In landing upon a new shore, whether literally or figuratively, you will find the next step upon your path. Within the self lies knowledge of how to proceed, yet confrontation, conflict, and challenge must arise to guide you when all else fails.

Question the self today as to how you’ve been handling things. Are you avoidant? Do you wait for others to make your decisions for you, or are you proactive? Do you take on your fears, wrestle them to the ground, or do they hold you down in a vise grip that does not allow for real life? Have you not already experienced a glimpse of life and don’t you desire more of it above all else?

I must confront all of you with the simple fact that life is short. In the grander scheme of eternity, life upon that earth is a mere blip and with each life you live comes an opportunity to more fully become alive and accepting of your challenges. Now is a day to challenge yourself; whether innerly or outerly does not matter, though I guarantee you will be offered an ultimatum of sorts.

Are you awake enough to recognize your personal challenge of now, of this moment in your life? Perhaps “this moment” in your life has dragged on for a long time, or perhaps it is but a blink of the eye, but know that a time of shift has been prepared for you. Alignments are in place, and all you need to do is click into alignment with what is being offered.

A final note: this is positive energy in alignment. So if you are feeling especially negative and lost, I suggest you wipe away your fears and your old ideas of self and the world and look on the bright side, for that is what is being presented now. The bright side of the moon, the sun, and the coin of opportunity are shining upon you all. Do you see it?

Look up from your reverie and catch a ray and then walk the path it lights up for you. That is the direction to go in now. Notice how everything is perfectly lined up for you. Do not hesitate or doubt what you are being shown, for this is the path of life, in this moment clearly revealed. The only real challenge is for each one of you to shift the self out of your slump, out of your pit of despair, and out of your despondency so that you “see” it. And then, as I said, dare the self to click into alignment and ride the energy without fear. And even though fear will attempt to accompany you, it will find no handhold, especially if you directly challenge its presence.

Go without fear into the life that awaits, for as I said, it seeks you. Though it may at first appear to be the most challenging of circumstances, in the end it will lead you into new life. What are you really afraid of? I gather it is nothing tangible, and if it were, it would not matter in the least, for if you align with the energy of now, nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams, even dreams you have no inkling of. It’s your choice, but I suggest that you face the dream and greet reality, a new reality.

Thanks to Jeanne for today’s message! Channeled, with love to you all, by Jan.

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