A Day in a Life: The Law Of The Superior SELF

Although Jan is energetically unavailable at this time, here is something to ponder.

Peaceful balance is health...

The law of the superior SELF active within us not only means that I myself cause all my illnesses and accidents, but it also includes the supremely comforting corollary that—if I utilize my energies properly—each of my movements and decisions will be for my own good. The individual whose mind is in equilibrium will always make the motion which is the most appropriate, the best for him. He will not allow any dross to build up an INSULATING WALL between his personality and his higher SELF, and therefore, in moments of peril, he will be able to rise to the highest plane. His ear is open for inner inspiration and, like a person who is all-knowing or illumined, he seizes the one possibility that will save him from danger.

What do we mean by ‘proper utilization of our energies’?

When my acts are always motivated by impersonal, unselfish LOVE based on the universal SELF, my mind will be peaceful, balanced and healthy.

Excerpted from Yoga and Health by Selvarajan Yesudian and Elisabeth Haich, p. 46.

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