Readers of Infinity: Trust Is The Key

Jan is unavailable to channel infinity today, but here is a previously channeled message from Jeanne, originally received on October 9, 2005 and published here for the first time.

Trust the ancient voice inside...

The wholeness of the universe goes beyond the self, beyond the body, though the body is crucial because it is the gateway to connecting. Direct connection to infinity is through the open channel of trust. Trust is the key. That’s all it is, you know, just being innocently and purely open to trusting all that you encounter as being real, live experiences with meaning.

Do not harbor feelings of inadequacy or fear or denial of self. You are important, even as you are not important. You are, however, key to the process of connection with infinity. Continue to examine experiential phenomena. Continue to investigate feelings, intuition, what the eyes see, what the body feels, what the heart knows, what the voice speaks.

Channeling is having access to all that is connected deep, deep inside everyone, beyond the bottom of the soul, where lies the doorway to infinity and awareness. Keen hearing and keen trust are all that are required to access the depths where this knowledge can be reached.

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