Readers of Infinity: Still Your Beating Heart

Dear Jeanne and all of our spirit guides in infinity: What message do you have for us today? I open my heart to receiving without doubt or censure; simply present and aware I let the words flow through me. I am open. What must we know today? What must we learn?

Here are the answers to my questions:

Ask the trees for advice...they are trying to tell us something...

There is no turning back now; no reversal of direction, for man has already gone too far for that. Be aware that each one of you rides the same rails, as you are all mankind, caught up in the frailties of humankind. Shift comes now by default and by awareness, as change occurs unwarranted and unaware.

Each one of you must accept your personal role as part of a bigger machine. It is wise also to accept the truth that although you may feel that you do not actively accept and participate in that big human machine, though you may think you stand outside of it, you are part of it nonetheless, for you live during this time and thus your energy is swept up in the drama of it.

Your own journeys are deeply connected with all others. Each of you now living upon that earth is indeed challenged to partake in a new activity, that being the activity of resourceful change. By this I mean returning to the true source of change—the energy that flows through you all—and acknowledge it as your greatest resource for shifting the paradigm.

Man has chugged along at a high rate of speed, focused on outer wealth, while inner wealth has been left to its own devices. Unable to keep up it has gone quiet, yet it smolders inside each one of you; for all of you are deeply aware of your true selves.

It is time to allow the true self expression in the world. The true self inside each one of you must overtake the external self who simply chugs along—a speeding train on its tracks—and put a stop to what is not feeding your inner truth.

Stop a moment and look at your lives, My Dears. Who are you really? Why are you on the track you are on? For what reason do you get up every morning? Is your heart an active part of your life’s work? Are you aware that your true self is driven by a desire for experiences of heart?

Find your heart. Breathe into it. Bring it to life, first for yourself and then for others. Learn heart-speak, heart-thought, heart-action and bring these things into everyday life. This is what is missing in your life and you all know it, connection to your heart-self, your true self, on a daily basis.

Too busy in the world, you have left your heart shut off. Too painful to acknowledge, perhaps? Yet it sits in you, carrying you along anyway. It is what gives your human self life, yet you neglect its true worth. Learn to use it for the self now more directly, asking it to accompany you with its truthful rhythms and its knowledge about right action, right thought, right being.

Commune with nature, the heart's true language...

The world around you changes every day. And although mankind, racing along his track, does not notice, you who are heart-centered are fully aware that all you have to do is slow down, get off the train, and find a calm spot to pause for a moment and still your beating heart. This is the first action to take.

The resource of change is within each one of you, but you must take action to discover its true worth. Slow down. Let life speed onward, for it is going nowhere special. That is not what matters. Change can be abrupt or change can be subtle, it doesn’t matter what tactic you take, but it is up to you to enact that change, to spur the self into action. Change is happening anyway, so the choice becomes either of two: are you going to stay on the speeding train, heading for a wreck, or are you ready to step off and go in a new direction? Either way, change is coming.

Be a part of the coming change, with awareness. That is my advice. Face the truths of the self as you face the truths of the world around you. You are all facing big change in your lives. Can you see it as good, as fundamentally life-saving change, rather than destructive? Shift the viewpoint; find reason in the coming change for new life. Grab onto it and go with it.

Ask your heart to guide you now. Its answers are always right.

Thank you to all of our spirit guides! Most humbly channeled by Jan Ketchel. May these words aid you all on your journeys, as they aid me on mine.

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