Readers of Infinity: Deeper & Wiser

Here is a message from Jeanne:

Keep your eyes open and be aware. On all levels of consciousness keep a keen eye always alert for traps and tricks, for the energy of now is fraught with interruptions and disturbances to normal routines and dynamics. This does not mean that anything bad will happen, but it does mean that the opportunity for deep work will arise as issues of personal importance emerge, re-emerge, and play out.

Though imagined long-digested and put to rest, old issues have a way of resurfacing out of the past and presenting themselves over and over again. “Why,” you might ask, “must I do this again?” Well, My Dears, the answer is simple: this is one of your core issues in this lifetime to learn from, and since learning is part of life, you must accept what comes to teach you how to grow deeper and wiser.

Growing deeper and wiser is most important, for in tackling your personal issues you offer the energy of such change-enhancing inner work to surround you and impact your world. If everyone were only intent on growing deeper and wiser, the world would be quite a different place.

Nesting time is inner work time too...

Encourage such inner work by doing it, by not being afraid of the change that is being pushed upon you personally by that which comes from without. Taking full responsibility for the self, go inward and seek out the answers to the questions you ask of others. Go inward; go deeper and grow wiser each visit you make to your inner world. Go with no restrictions or rules, no judgments or criticisms, no blame or self-doubt, without fear and anger, but with openness and availability so that you may greet your truths with fairness and honesty.

Do not be afraid of your truths, though they may shake your beliefs and your foundations of self, for, in truth, this is exactly what you want to happen. You want your foundations to crumble so that purity of self may be revealed, so that innocence and ancient self may become acceptable without the interference of the strictly constructed and defined outer world that you are so attached to.

When doing deep inner work, leave the trappings of the outer world aside, safe and known though they may be. Push them constantly away as you open your mind to the ancient wisdom you all carry inside. Grow deeper and wiser at each step of exploration, at each step you take away from the outer self, as you leave behind who you are in the world, if only for a few minutes, and explore a self totally freed of all worldly expectations and habitual behaviors placed on you by self and other. In freedom, explore infinity inside you, waiting eagerly just below the crusty surface of outer self.

Inner self is not very far away. It sits patiently waiting just below the outer shell you present to the world each day. Let it speak as you explore deeper inside the true self, growing wiser at each step. Let it live outwardly in the world one step at a time too, a deeper and wiser self who accepts life and all it brings as necessary—challenging though it may be—but also accepting it as exciting and invigorating, aware that it always brings the prospect of new life.

Life awaits each day as a new journey begins. Where will your journey take you next?

Most humbly channeled by Jan Ketchel.

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