A Day in a Life: Positivity & New Life

A first sign of spring! The bluebirds are back!

This is the time of year when I am drawn to spend all day outside. The music of the birds calls to me in the mornings and throughout the day, the peepers in the wetlands at the back of our yard sing to me in the evening and into the night. I am drawn to watch the first green sprigs of new life as they burst from the soil, to taste the first wild greens that I look forward to all winter. Spring is here!

Each time I step out the door I notice how positive the energy of spring is, how vibrantly alive, how without hesitation new life springs forth. The intent of nature at this time of year is birth and it lets nothing stand in its way. These signs from nature challenge us all in the same way. Can we let ourselves be as unflinchingly alive, as positive and forthright as nature is? Can we let ourselves birth into new life totally uninhibited and freed of that which now controls us, including ideas and thoughts placed on us by circumstance and others?

Normally, I leave my journal lying on top of a row of books on the bookshelf next to my bed. One morning a few weeks ago, as I grabbed my journal to write down a dream a book tipped out from its perch on the shelf. I took note. “I should probably read that book,” I thought, “but I don’t have time right now.” I pushed it back into its spot and forgot about it. A few days later the same thing happened. The same book popped out of the shelf, but this time it stuck out so far that it seemed likely it would fall onto the floor. “Okay, I get it, I’m supposed to read that book.” And so I took it off the shelf, fully accepting that I was being guided.

That book, The Miracle of Metaphysical Healing by Evelyn M. Monahan, is exactly what I have been looking for lately. I had forgotten that I even owned it, though it sat in a prominent place on my shelf. Purchased quite a few years ago and briefly glanced at, my intention had always been to thoroughly read it and learn from it. It was not until the universe pointed it out to me that I knew I was finally ready to delve more deeply into what it offers.

A Sign: A most interesting and helpful book

As I read and practice the steps of healing that Monahan offers in her book, I see signs of change, in myself and in the people around me. I use her methods of visualization and mediation daily now, supplementing my own meditations with hers, challenging myself to more deeply trust what I experience. I have always believed that we have everything we need inside us to heal, to change, and to evolve. As I set my intent, every day, to be open to the positive energy of life, I see my negative attitudes, judgments, and thoughts increasingly slip away. My ignorance and doubt about the truth of energetic change and healing slip away too, as I open up to letting change happen inside myself more deeply than ever, trusting that my high self, my energized mind, and my ultra mind, as Monahan calls our innate abilities, are truly present and all I have to do is tap into them. By my intent alone, I set myself on a path of change and when I experience those changes, deeply within myself and in the world outside of me as well, I know I am doing something right.

Using the innate powers of our own minds is nothing new. This is what the Buddhists encourage us to discover as we meditate and what the Shamans suggest we tap into as we do our Magical Passes and recapitulate. This is what Louise Hay and many others have used to cure themselves of cancer and other diseases, including deep emotional woundings. This is what Norman Vincent Peale wrote about in The Power of Positive Thinking and it’s at the basis of many other deeply personal spiritual processes.

I present a simple meditation offering a gentle means of tapping into the same kind of positive energy that nature now is imbued with. Based on a healing process from The Miracle of Metaphysical Healing, this offers access to the vital energy of springtime.

Sit in a quiet place where you will be undisturbed for five minutes.

Close your eyes and be conscious of your natural state of breathing. Make no attempts to change or alter it; simply observe your breathing for one minute. Notice relaxation beginning to flood your mind and body as you watch your breathing. Be aware that this form of relaxation is inside you, in limitless supply.

Take a deep breath, inhaling right into your stomach, feeling the energy of your breath as it circulates through your body, relaxing you ever deeper. As you exhale pull the energy of that breath into the middle of your head. Do this deep breath three times.

Can we allow ourselves to abide in our own relaxed, vibrant and limitless energy?

Then, mentally repeat the following words to yourself: As oxygen flows throughout my system the wisdom of my high self directs that each of my cells make ultimate use of the oxygen it carries to them. With the unlimited power of my energized mind, all my fatigue, whether mental or physical, is now banished. A limitless form of relaxed energy takes its rightful place in my body and mind. All the energy that I need is at my complete and continuous disposal.

Sit calmly and accept this energy as your own. Visualize yourself filled with, surrounded by, and putting forth a brilliant white light. Be aware of the fact that this light symbolizes the limitless relaxed energy now available to you at all times. Hold this mental image for at least 30 seconds.

Open your eyes, get up, and go about your day.

Do this three times a day for yourself or others, simply inserting the name of the person you wish to do it for. Experience this relaxed energy inside you at all times.

By being open to the positive energy of nature, without and within, and by being energetically positive ourselves, we can change our personal lives. In addition, a change in each of us naturally effects change in the world around us. As Evelyn Monahan states: “I am a magnificent creation and I share in the creative force which powers this universe.”

Try it and see what happens!

Energetically intending change. And, as always, I offer this most humbly and with love,


The Miracle of Metaphysical Healing by Evelyn M. Monahan is available for purchase through our Store under Spirituality.

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