Readers of Infinity: Show Me Something!

A message from Infinity:

Seek not retribution but resolution.

Seek not compromise but clarity.

Seek not pain but heartfelt knowing of that which is right, honest, truthful and, above all, good for the self, the world, and all who reside upon the earth.

Remember always the interconnectedness of all things and the deeper truth that you are not alone.

Remember that relief will come, for you have had glimpses of what that means. Focus on the light of release and letting go, offering each one of you the ultimate answer to your problems. And keep in mind, at all times, that you are there upon that earth for a multitude of reasons, one of them being self-growth through solving the riddle of self.

Why are you You? The answer: because you must be you in order to evolve. You must solve the questions you ask of others, and find the answers within that lead you to release of old issues from past days and years, as well as past lives and relationships.

You are enough!

Remember always: you are enough. The whole world resides in you; you are the whole world. Everything about you is in symbiotic relationship with all else. Be aware of complications and do not get caught in old places that have run their course. Seek new meaning now—for self, for life—in alignment with infinity. That is the way to shift into a new stage of release and growth.

Confrontation with self leads to inner release, which leads to spontaneous growth. That is the process to follow, but it must be done with kindness, compassion, and patience for self and others. All must go through this process of self-confrontation and deep contemplation to truly evolve.

It may take a long time. The process may be difficult, but there is no doubt that each one of you is fully capable of self-confrontation, deep contemplation, and growth. After all, you set it up that way a long time ago. You see, you yourself were part of the planning of the life you now live.

Go deeper into the self now to find out why—for you alone. Let everyone else off the hook, for this life you lead is about you and your evolutionary potential. Put your attention where it matters.

Don’t ask why anymore, but ask for clarity now. Ask for the truth of the self to be further revealed so that the glimpses of new life you’ve already experienced may become sharper, more noticeable and acceptable. Ask for deeper knowing of self as a multifaceted, interconnected being and the question of why will resolve itself. Ask this of infinity: Show me something!

Challenge infinity and dare yourself to experience something that will lead you to greater understanding. Be aware of how infinity works. It can be a little tricky. It can be subtle or blazingly direct, but it will always be truthful. Without self-pity or self-aggrandizement but with humble heart, send out your intent and then calmly await your answer.

Show me something!

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