Readers of Infinity: You Are All Safe

Dear Infinity: Please guide us.

Do not falter, but stay upon your projected path. Though interference may seek to throw you off balance, do not topple in the force of the winds that may come down upon you. Though difficulties may arise, do not attach to that which does not concern you nor seek your attention directly.

Should energy seek your own, remain balanced, aware and significantly concerned as you weigh the meaning of such energy. At the same time, allow nature to take its own course. Allow for the natural unfolding of life to lead all upon their journeys. Neither a savior nor a sinner be, but guide the self to energetic stability and, by your example, show others how life is to be lived.

Stay in balance and let meaning reveal itself.

You are all journeyers of the highest magnitude. Do not ever lose sight of your greater meaning and your greater purpose. Though you may not have succinctly defined either of those deeper aspects of life, it does not matter, for they guide you anyway. Purpose and meaning of the significance of life are the fuels that propel you forward. Let them take you to the next level.

Remember: Life is good. No matter where you are in your lives at this moment, Infinity guides you to the truth. Let it take you there. You are all safe in your world.

As you let your journey unfold, take this deeper knowing with you: You are all safe.

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