How to read a Kindle book without buying a Kindle

Having trouble finding a Kindle app that downloads trouble-free? Don’t mind reading a book on your computer, laptop or ipad? See if the Kindle Cloud Reader will work for you. Click the link to Jan’s book below and when the page loads find the Kindle Store bar just above the title. Click “Cloud Reader” and follow the directions to download the free application.

We do know that a lot of people prefer reading a real book. As luck would have it The Man in the Woods—in paperback!!—should be up and ready to buy over the weekend or early next week at the latest. The paperback will be a print-on-demand book, output at the time of order, so we don’t have to waste a lot of paper and have hundreds of books taking up space in warehouses. It seems the most conscientious and practical way to go as far as print books are concerned.

We’ll let you know when it’s ready for purchase.

In the meantime, here’s the link to Jan’s book if you want to try the Kindle version: The Man in the Woods.

Jan’s book is full of gritty reality and plenty of moments of awe, and it ends on a very hopeful note. The second installment, On the Edge of the Precipice is now being prepared for publication.

We’ll update on the paperback status soon!

Jan & Chuck

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