#775 Be an Empty Vessel

Written by Jan Ketchel with a channeled message from Jeanne Ketchel.

It feels as if a new era is dawning as I wake up today, as if a shift had happened, the universe presenting us with new possibilities while we slept. I know we just have to dare ourselves to shift as well, as individuals and as part of the greater collective.

I feel this shift as one away from selfishness, greed, inflation, and fear, to recognizing and accepting our humble selves, as no more or less than anyone else, all of us capable of working beyond our limitations, capable of freeing ourselves to experience the magic and awe of this world. This world is enough. We don’t have to go anywhere else. We have everything we need, presented to us in our daily lives; we just have to know that.

I learned a long time ago that even a very slight shift in perspective was enough to open a door to real and drastic change. Personally, I believe new doors await us each day; we just have to see them as doors and not as walls.

Today I ask Jeanne the following: Do you have some practical advice for us today as we face the dawning of a new day and new doors of opportunity as well?

Here is how she responds:

My Dear Ones,

The best advice I can offer is very simple: Shut down the mind! Block its incessant chatter or use it to send you into a state of rebuttal so that you may turn from it or allow it to catapult you.

Refusal to listen to the constant chatter of the mind—defined as not your own true self, but as doctrines, statements, facts, and beliefs poured into you from outside—leads to new awareness.

New awareness of the self as something other than what you have always believed is the beginning of a process of real change. Who are you really? This is the question to seek the answer to. Who are you without all that you now hold and uphold as true, both about the self and the world?

In order to shift the self enough so that you may observe the open door before you today, allow a new idea to enter your thoughts. Perhaps this may help:

I am a vessel.
At one time I was filled with what was available.
Now I stand uncomfortable,
burdened by the food of belief
that once meant so much to me.

I dare to tip my vessel self,
to spill out the contents
and be empty.

From emptiness I elect to begin again,
without influence from the old world.
I elect to fill only from within.
From within myself I now challenge myself
to find true beliefs of meaning,
seeking resonance in the world outside me
matching my own.

I am a vessel seeking not fullness
but fulfillment.
And that is the difference between
wanting self of old and
new desiring self of true spirit.

Let me be empty.
That is all I ask for today.
Let me be empty.

Let me be empty of mind and open to new awareness

In asking for emptiness, in pushing aside and turning from the old beliefs of self and world and life itself, one opens the door to new experiences on both a higher and a deeper level.

Tip the vessel of self today and see what happens as you let the old self spill out, accepting that that life is spent, a new one about to begin.

This is where you are today. Can you see that? Can you embrace that? Can you actually do something about it? In action, My Dears, only in action will you find new life. Take action. Go for new life!

Thank you Jeanne for this message of guidance!

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