#761 Conflict Resolution Around the Campfire

Written by Jan Ketchel with a channeled message from Jeanne Ketchel.

I woke to the sound of thunder rolling across the hills. Oh, how fitting for Memorial Day, I thought. The sound of cannon fire, guns, and bombs echoing over the landscape reminding us of how we have always resolved conflicts in the past. My intent has been centered on finding a different approach to conflict, hoping that the leaders of the world will implement nonviolent means of resolution. As I turn to channeling, I ask Jeanne: What message of guidance do you have for us today, as our country remembers the war dead?

Jeanne responds:

My Dear Ones, conflict resolution lies buried within. The struggles in the world are mirrored by the struggles within and vice versa. And just a little deeper lies the answers you seek in your personal life and in the greater world.

On any day the challenge is to remain calmly present within the self. When conflicts arise, rather than emote or express outwardly, the solution that will work best for anyone is to take the smoldering coals of anger and discontent inward. Fan the flames and gain clear insight into just why you feel the things you feel. By the light of your anger and your discontent examine your personal demons. Ask them to emerge out of the darkness and show themselves by the light of your fire within and reveal their necessity.

I speak in metaphor to illustrate the darkness within and the unknown self. The challenge to personal resolution is to fearlessly confront the unknown self, the self who may in fact be quite controlling yet totally unknown.

By gaining awareness of the self, the opportunity arises for change to happen. By studying the parts of the self who engage in the outer world and then the parts of the self who engage in the inner world will give you a clear idea of how you operate physically, mentally, emotionally, how you interact with others, and how and why you tend to treat yourself the way you do as well.

Only in studying and understanding the truths of how you really behave in life, innerly and outerly, will you have an opportunity to change the self. Obviously, I speak of this often because it is the greatest challenge for all humans; to face and learn about the self is the most important aspect of being upon that earth.

You, as human beings, though you are one with nature and must learn this fact, are also equipped with a conscious Self who does not really need to live in a human form at all, does not need to suffer through life upon that earth. But until you discover this fact within the confines of your own life set-up, you will continue to be in conflict, both within the self and without.

In order to change you must allow the self to be explored. You must confront your fears and discover that they are but conjured ideas keeping you from your full potential as a consciously aware being.

Do deep inner work, My Dears. Spend your time in the world, but keep focused on your other job: to evolve. You are on a personal journey that each one of you must accept. You must choose it. You must decide that this life is going to be the evolutionary one. If you do not choose to know the self by accepting all your inner demons as parts of you, then know that you are making that choice and that you are creating the world you live in. Unhappy or not, bitter or not, angry or not, sad or not, you create your world.

You see, My Dears, you are the only one responsible for your life. It is set up specifically for you. So, if you choose to study the self, you may discover exactly why you are in the position you are in today. If you choose to go to your flames of conflict and sit around the campfire of your own dilemmas, you may discover the meaning of your life.

One day your fires will die down, your life understood, your calmness well-earned. When you turn away from your campsite you will see the path revealed that you just could not see before, always right there, the only one for you. And then, with awakened consciousness, you will know it is where to go next. Your inner voice will clearly state: That is the way to go.

Today, while conflict is remembered across America, celebrate your true ability to resolve all conflict by studying the self. The true path to resolution and change begins within. Become a better person. Change your life by changing your relationship to the self. Study the self and elect to do life differently. In so doing you will become a good citizen of a new world.

Thank you, Jeanne!

Most humbly offered,

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