Mother Earth Day & Beyond

I don’t mean to overwhelm with bad news, but I just can’t ignore what I come across. All of this so-called bad news is just pointing out, as I see it, both the manipulated world we live in—and have so readily accepted without question—and the desperate need for all of us not to fall back into it, and, likewise, to question everything. It is only through questioning reality that we can begin to question our own inner process as well, and make the journey to embracing and becoming part of a changing world in alignment with what is real.

With Mother’s Day coming up I’ve felt the need to expound on our real mother, Mother Earth. If we all give her just a little more attention we can help her stay healthy and truly alive. If we keep looking for the signs that show us the truth, we will not fall back into our old complacency that has gotten us into the trouble we are in now. If we all spread a little Mother Earth message every day, perhaps we can help change the world outside of us, while we still concentrate on changing our inner world.

I recently found this update on what really happened at Fukushima in Japan following the earthquake and tsunami, and why we must be vigilant and continually say no to the perpetuation of nuclear power.

Seeking the truth,

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