A Note About Notes, etc. on Facebook

Dear Readers and Fellow Journeyers,

We will now be using our business page on facebook as a sort of daily commentary board posting quotes, thoughts, and anything else that might strike us as interesting or noteworthy. We feel it is a much more accessible and appropriate site for such postings than the website. Today, for instance, Chuck posted a note about the energy of revolution and what happened in Wisconsin yesterday. We invite you to check in daily to see where the energy takes us.

You do not need to have a personal facebook account in order to access our business page. It’s a little different from a regular profile page as you do not need to be invited in either. It is open to all. You may leave comments, start discussions, offer links, post pictures, videos, etc., as if it were your own page. We welcome this kind of interaction and hope to stimulate some interesting activity in keeping with the mission of Riverwalker Press regarding awareness, intent, inner work, shamanism, spirituality, channeling, etc., and general awakenings regarding all worlds.

Please feel free to become a part of this interactive intent that our business page offers. The only thing we ask it that no personal advertisements be posted. And we will keep a keen watch over everything that is posted and should something offensive arise it will be deleted.

Look for more updates regarding this facebook connection and other new things on the website as we continue to work on it over the weekend.

Thanks for being a part of this intent to keep connecting and interconnecting, and for spreading messages of meaning.

Here is the link: Riverwalker Press on facebook An icon will soon appear on the website itself, after a little redesign is done, to make getting there a little easier.

Most Fondly,
Jan and Chuck

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